Recon Polymers has developed an efficient process, which converts PolyAl into plastics that have a broad applicability.

PolyAl is the residual stream of polymers and aluminum foil that remains after paper mills recover paper fibers from beverage cartons.

After many years of development, Recon Polymers is able to energy-efficiently transform PolyAl into raw materials for the plastics processing.


Recon Polymers demonstrates that PolyAl as a raw material, has a positive economic value for the entire chain. With the conversion into pressed pellets, this chain enables mainstream circularity.

Build on long-term relationships circular chains are created, from raw material to market applications.


A beverage carton exists of 75 % paper fibre and 25% mix of different Polymers [HDPE, LDPE, PP] combined with aluminium foil. This mix of materials guarantees a long shelf life for the contents of a beverage carton.

Complete recycling of beverage cartons is done in two steps. First, the paper fiber is recovered and then the polymers and aluminum, known as PolyAl, are processed.

Beverage cartons are used and disposed by consumers. After collection and sorting, the combined material is transported to a paper mill. There, the paper fibers are recovered and for example processed to produce corrugated cardboard and hygiene paper.

After the paper fibre recovery step the PolyAl-stream remains. This stream is suitable for further recycling.


Recon Polymers’ process is characterized by a high separation rate [98% of the film fraction and the hard fraction is separated] with a low energy consumption need. This results in a recycling yield of > 99% calculated on dry material, creating a clear mass balance.

During the process, the only ‘reject’ is vaporized water, coming from the pulping process in the paper mill. All other materials are converted into output.

The output materials, hard fraction [HDPE, PP] and foil fraction [LDPE and aluminium], are widely applicable in the plastics processing industry like injection moulding.

Recon Polymers’ plant is based on mechanical principles without the addition of water, chemicals or heat and has a capacity of at least 6,500 tons output per year. Based on an average moisture content of 25%, an input quantity of approximately 8.000 tons per year can be processed.


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